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Shore Excursion Amalfi coast from Cruis Ship

Shore Excursion Positano Amalfi Ravello

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A HINT OF HISTORY...The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline famous worldwide for its natural beauty, home for many other major touristic sites. Considered World Heritage by UNESCO, it is named after the town of Amalfi, which reppresents not only its geographical  nucleus but also in terms of history. The Amalfi Coast is also known for its diversity: each of its countries of the Coast have their own traditions and landmarks. Furthermore you can enjoy some of its amazing typical products, such as limoncello, the lemon liqueur produced in the area, anchovies and canned fish, pottery made and hand painted.

Tour Description:

Greetings from the driver. You will be able to recognize him cause he will have a board showing your name on it

Explore the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, with it all its colours and wonderful aromas created by the many flowers you will see all around.

A photo stop at the ‘Madonnina’ for the best view of Positano from the top. See the houses clung to the mountainside like white sugar lumps coated in brightly coloured bougainvillea tumbling down to a small, beach and warm blue Mediterranean sea.

You will have the opportunity to stop, but it’s an optional stop, at the Emerald Grotto

Optional stop at the Ceramic factory, to pick up some local handmade crafts

Stunning of St. Andrew Cathedral in Amalfi

Something that you cannot miss is the visit of the beautiful gardens of Villa Rufolo or Villa Cimbrone in Ravello

Your driver/guide will suggest you a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch and taste all the typical courses of our cooking

Driving back to Naples you can enjoy a spectacular 360° view of the bay of Naples

The order of the itinerary might change caused from the traffic.

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*Included: Tolls ,parking ,petrol and taxes.
*Not included: entrance fees, lunch and tips.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello - €7
Villa Cimbrone, Ravello - €7
St. Andrei Cathedral, Amalfi - €2.50
Emerald Grotto - €5booknow

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